5/01/2018 - LaZzA
Hello to anyone who still reads these posts! Happy New Year 2018!
I've decided to stick to one particular minecraft server and at the moment that will be a Curse Pack
This pack is called Minecraft Millionaire and from what i can tell is only accessible from the Curse Client
The other servers are offline at the moment but are still there if the time comes to go back to vanilla
Accessing the server is the same as before >

And Thanks again for coming back! I'll continue to run everything as long as i'm around!

29/01/2017 - LaZzA
Hey again everyone, Loyle is still here if you're interested in playing again!
As well as the normal vanilla server i have also setup 2x other Minecraft Servers (Feed the Beast)
The first is a Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved Server, accessible at
The other server is a Feed the Beast SkyFactory 3, accessible at

Thanks for coming back, still trying to keep everything running as best i can!

15/11/2015 - LaZzA
Hi Peeps, apologies for being lazy, the server was recently switched over to Feed The Beast for trials,
but was never switched back...

I have re-created the server the way it used to be and will keep making improvements, i've had to reset
the economy data AGAIN sadly because essentials now has its own system, however it is much more
compatible. Hope to see you guys on the server!

31/05/2014 - LaZzA
Hi Guys, Its been ages but the site is finally done and integrated properly with the Minecraft server!
I havent had it up for ages because ive been busy with work and things with my personal life...

SORRY!! :)

Unfortunately with the new mods i had to Erase all the previous iConomy Data... Money Gone :(
But its all up and working again now so you just have to re-register and your free to play again

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